You can easily implement the Austrian Strategy in one of two ways:

  1. Subscribe to the do-it-yourself monthly newsletter, or
  2. Entrust a regulated broker to execute the Austrian strategy in your own managed account.

1. The Austrian Investor Newsletter*

The Austrian Investor Newsletter* is a practical Do-It-Yourself single page with specific and simple instructions to follow the last day of each month (although sporadically some macroeconomics comments may be added).

In less than half an hour a month, you will be ready to set up the portfolio for the next month and forget about it.

Different flavors of the proposed strategy (built with different financial instruments and/or with different degree of leverage, with or without Bitcoin) are available on demand. (Here’s an example of the plain-vanilla strategy with no leverage and without Bitcoin: Austrian Newsletter August 2019).

If you follow these few instructions at the end of each month without deviating —hence the importance of a stoic attitude towards investing—, you will have exposure to a strategy that aims to generate equity-like returns over the medium to long-term but with less than half the risk (in drawdowns and volatility), providing a solid core for any prudent investor portfolio.

Please contact me for more details about price and payment methods:

Notice: It is assumed that the Newsletter subscriber has seasoned knowledge about markets and financial instruments. If the subscriber thinks that they will have some implementation problems or does not feel confident enough to do it by themself, I sincerely recommend opting for the second option and delegate its implementation to the broker.

2. Entrust a regulated Broker

The main advantage of delegating to a trusted and regulated broker the execution of the strategy is the convenience and comfort of not having to implement it yourself into your portfolio every month, combined with the security regarding custody and correct execution.

You can request the automation of the Austrian Investor Strategy in your own account with any fully regulated broker supervised by the FINRA and the SEC.

⇒ Should you require the services of a broker, please contact me ( so that I may introduce you to a broker who would be able to execute the Austrian Strategy in your own account.

* From the subscriber, I expect the same goodwill and ethical behavior that I put making this newsletter. This implies that one paid subscription for one pair of eyes. Beyond that, I consider it theft of intellectual property. Virtually all my time and energy —including the previous two decades of professional work and research that led me to the Austrian Strategy— now go into this newsletter and the research work behind it, and it is increasingly the source of my livelihood and my legacy to my family. Please do not steal it, or allow someone else to steal it from you.