About me

A man is honorable in proportion to the personal risks he assumes for his opinions.”

—Nassim Taleb

I am an Astrophysicist turned Fund Manager, now a Stoic investor. With almost two decades of experience in the financial sector, I have worked as quant and Risk Manager for a Swiss hedge fund manager, as well as Director of Alternative Investments and Fund Manager for a Spanish asset manager.

During the crisis of 2008-09, I had what could be called an epiphany. First, I felt deeply disappointed by the financial services industry which pretends to help and care about its clients, yet only seeks soulless to extract its fees no matter what.

Second and transcendentally, I realized that the scientism (a kind of “wrong” science implemented by most quants) and Keynesian framework that permeates the industry are not epistemologically adequate to address the problem of investing. After studying the many schools of economic thought, I concluded that the most robust and accurate approach to investing is provided by the Austrian School of Economics.

Only outside the mental frame of mainstream analysis and the perverse incentives of the investment industry —i.e. being truly independent— I found myself able to offer others what I have learned and discovered, so I got out of the industry and started my current independent advisory stage. I offer my sincere opinion about investing based on honesty, experience, transparency, simplicity and common sense; from an Austrian and Stoic point of view.

  • Contact:
    • You can reach me at austrian.investor@gmail.com